L a r a  G.  E l m o r e,

CEO and President

Lara is a reverse harem romance author, writing characters you can’t help but love. Whether in a contemporary setting or deep in a fairytale retelling, she conveys real people with real emotions.


Lara is a Jersey Girl through and through, with British roots on her mother’s side. She loves that she can slip into her city shoes or country boots at a moments notice.


When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her three children and family. In her free time, she’s got her nose in a book - because readers make the best authors.

J a c k  A r c h e r,

COO and VP

At the age of five, Jack published their first book, "My Lost Cat", and it all went downhill from there. Jack has splattered pages  across the writing genre spectrum, from post-rock songs to short stories, fanfiction to legislative policies. In 2012, they finally settled down for seven years and penned the first of the Homestead Trilogy, "Florida is Gone", based on the apocalypse predictions of the same year. 


Jack is working as a cyber security architect and raises a son with their two husbands in the middle of a Florida swamp. In between taking their son to explore the corners of the state and working, Jack finds time to write as much as they can and hopes to one day leave the technical life behind to live a life in swampy, solitary fantasy world. Until then, they'll stick with their day job.


K a t e  S e g e r

Chief Editor

Kate's first novel, 'The Wood Witch's Daughter' was published in April 2020. A dog mom, whiskey connoisseur, and fashionista, when she's not searching for fairy circles in hopes of being transported to an enchanted kingdom, Kate is busy at work on her next story.


She lives with her husband and dog on the banks of the Hudson in Westchester NY, which, contrary to her claims, is NOT 'street'... but is currently ravaged by plague.

K r i s t y  S. P e r k i n s,

Chief of Marketing

Kristy Perkins is the author of the forthcoming novel Ashland Hollows . A stay at home mother, Kristy has spent more then half of her life reading and writing fiction. She lives by the mantra, “I’m not perfect; I learn something new every day.”


A lifelong nerd of all that is fantastical , Kristy specializes in writing fantasy and paranormal stories, although she's been known to write (and ghostwrite!) many other genres.


When she's writing, Kristy lives off of Hot Cheetos, Swedish Fish, and caffeinated beverages. She resides in Colarado where she writes while taking care of her family -- which consists of two-legged and four-legged beings -- and fends off writer's block by cleaning the house.