Organized Files

Basic Tier

Tarina will take your ready to be published file and convert it to eBook format with no graphics and basic text. 


$5 per 10k

Bankruptcy Filing

Premium Tier

Provide Tarina with your ready to be published file and we will format into eBook or paperback. File can include limited graphics or non-standard text. 


$10 per 10k

Working from Home

Deluxe Tier

Upgrade to the deluxe tier when your ready to be published file contains heavy graphics and non-standard text. Tarina will format and provide eBook and/or paperback files.  


$15 per 10k


Reading Glasses

Line Editing

Our team of editors will comb through your finalized draft and suggest grammatical edits as well as word choice and sentence structure.



Learn to Read

Content Editing

Your document will be checked for continuity, flow, and pacing while also ensuring it is well-written and engaging.



School Application

Deluxe Package

Provides line editing services along with a discount on content editing.