1. What does Tarina Anthologies do?

a. Anthologies 

At Tarina Anthologies, the main objective is to publish anthologies. They open each call for a duration of two months with a cap of fifteen to twenty authors. 

The services they provide are:

  • Anthology calls at least every other month

  • Editing and formatting for submitted anthology pieces

  • Newsletters and author spotlights

  • Robust community of authors

The partners at Tarina Anthologies love writing and are excited to work with so many different authors to create high quality stories.

b. Publishing Services

The partners at Tarina Anthologies realize that self publishing is a daunting task. You have to find the perfect cover, find a reliable editor, and learn how to market your book baby all on your own. And that’s after you write a cohesive story that you’ve agonized over yourself for far too long. At least the partners had each other to get through the minefield of information and setbacks. That is why they chose to expand their focus from just anthologies to include a hybrid publishing model. 


Whether you’re a first time author, or one who’d like to put more focus on your writing and less on the publishing, Tarina Anthologies can help you realize your dreams.

A full list of editing, formatting, and marketing services and their pricing can be found here.

3. Is Tarina Anthologies a vanity press/publisher?



A vanity press/publisher is one where they charge a substantial fee to publish your book. Upwards of thousands of dollars. Once you pay them, they often obtain the rights of your work and don’t do anything to help you market and sell your book. They will take royalties and leave you with little but frustration.


For Anthologies - 


A writing sample is required for anyone answering a call. The partners at Tarina Anthologies use the writing sample to gauge if your writing style is on par with the standards they have set in place. Each anthology is comprised of high quality, well written stories readers will enjoy and want more of.


For Publishing Services -


Tarina Anthologies offers services a la carte, at prices on par with industry standards. A contract between Tarina and an author is always set into place outlining the expectations and rights of the author. When publishing a piece of personal work (i.e. not for an anthology) you retain 100% of the rights to your work at all times. Tarina Anthologies will never take a portion of your royalties or demand funds not outlined in the contract.


4. If I have a problem or a concern, who do I contact?

Tarina Anthologies is made up of four partners. Four people you can contact with questions and concerns. All keep in close contact and updated with one another so no matter who you go to, they will no doubt have an answer for you.

  • Kate Seger

  • Eli Neff-Akridge

  • Tasha Scruggs

  • Kristy Perkins

They can each be contacted at partners@tarinaanthologies.com

5.  Are there fees for services and how much are they?

No -

Beginning 2022, Tarina Anthologies will begin releasing 6 anthologies per year. In 2021 there will be four. 

Each anthology is free to submit to. We require a 500 word sample of your manuscript and if we approve that, we will request the rest of your fully edited and polished manuscript for further review. If you are accepted, we will take care of the rest and provide our authors with 60% royalties from the sales.  


6. What is Patreon? How does Tarina Anthologies utilize it?

Beginning March 2021, our Patreon platform will be revamped to include the new free anthology restructure. 

Our submission based Patreon will be restructured to include benefits for our readers and authors and still offer a way to support Tarina as we create a long lasting company for our readers.

Potion Tier: $1 - for support

Vampire Tier: $10 - eBook of latest anthology or book and a small Tarina/anthology swag per month

Unicorn Tier: $30 - Paperback of latest anthology or book and a small Tarina/anthology swag per month

Dragon Tier: $40 - Paperback of latest anthology or book and a large Tarina/anthology swag per month​

7. Is there a designated word count for anthology submissions?

While each call is unique, Tarina Anthologies is looking for pieces 5-15k. 

8. What are the deadlines for anthologies?

The publication calendar can be located here

9. What ratings are allowed for anthology submissions?

Half of our anthologies will be published under our Tarina After Dark section of Tarina Anthologies each year. Each anthology will be labeled as such. The clean anthologies will be required to be PG-13 while the After Dark anthologies will be 18+. 


10. Will the anthologies be available as an ebook and/or paperback? How long will the book be available to purchase? What happens to the stories and the rights once they’re pulled?

The anthologies will be listed for pre-order at least up to, but not always guaranteed, a month before its release to grab sales for it. Once it is live, it will be available for nine months. The rights to the stories will belong to Tarina Anthologies ONLY during the publication time frame. Once pulled all rights will revert back to the authors in perpetuity. Authors may do as they see fit once the anthology is pulled and rights returned to them. This is outlined in the contract.

11. On what platform will the anthologies be available?

Currently Tarina Anthologies utilizes Amazon and Barnes & Noble for printing and distributing.

12. How do royalties work for the anthologies?

Royalties will be paid based upon which anthology the writer has participated in. Each author will receive 60% of the anthologies they participate in. If there are

two anthologies in publication, but the author only submitted to one, they will receive a percentage for the anthology their work is a part of. Royalties will be distributed ten business days after they are paid out to Tarina Anthologies via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

13. Is proofreading and/or editing provided after the anthology submissions are written or will they need to be proofread/edited prior to turning in?

While proofreading and editing are services that Tarina Anthologies offers as a separate service, each submission will need to be edited and proofread before submission. If you would like the authors at Tarina to handle this, visit this page to see our editing services. 

14. Do the contracts make all written work exclusive or just the specific anthology entries?

Just the specific anthology entries will be exclusive. We do not require ownership of any other work. Once the stories are pulled, you are able to do as you please in regards to your story with rights being returned to you.

15. Can still submit for the upcoming anthology if I am a new author?

Absolutely! Plenty of our members are new authors. We are happy to welcome you and hope to help you get your name out and people looking excited to read your writings to come!

16. I just finished writing a book and it is now with an editor, getting cleaned up to be published. Am I still allowed to be part of the group and submit to the anthology?

Once again, absolutely! When filling out the submission form, you will be requested to send in a writing sample of at least 500-1k words. How you proceed to do that, is up to you. We do not reject based on the fact you have work being progressed towards publication or any other form that way. We have plenty of authors in the exact same boat writing with us. Even some of the owners are working on their first books to publish and the others are working on getting more of their books published!

With joining our anthology, we hope to get your name known just a little better and have readers swooning over your stories and desperate to read more of your work!

17. The novel I’m working on fits perfectly with your anthology call. Can I submit a portion of it for submission?

As long as the work has not been published you can submit part or all (under 15k) of your work in progress in for an anthology. Please keep in mind that the anthologies run an average of nine (9) months and during that time, the work cannot be published elsewhere.